Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life F'n Sucks

Life F'n Sucks - Avoid the Next Crisis Facing America

After housing, stocks, and jobs, an even bigger crisis is brewing.

BALTIMORE, MD – Our quality of life—including our health and happiness—will be the next casualty of the downward-spiraling economic situation. A new book is now available to arm us with the tools required to prevent this collateral damage.

In Life F’n Sucks ($14.95 LFS Publishing, June 2009), author Andrew Pollack lays out a clear plan of attack to regain a sense of balance and calm in a turbulent world. This simple 30-day guide provides a roadmap to the enviable destination of happiness and contentment.

With all of the stresses facing us today it is no wonder that rates of anxiety, depression, obesity and failed relationships are accelerating. Talk of economic gloom is rampant while the downturn in “life satisfaction” levels is getting lost in all of the other panic.

The author has spent years researching what separates happy people from unhappy people. “Contrary to popular belief, the habits and traits of happy people are not based on money or status. The issues are more fundamental and uncomplicated,” says Pollack.

These findings are presented in an easy-to-use guidebook that clearly outlines the simple steps to take to return readers to a path of balance and contentment. The focus is on providing an idea a day that is effortless to apply yet significant enough to provide immediate benefits.

As the founder of a successful healthcare company, Andrew Pollack has over 20 years’ experience observing thousands of clients and employees throughout the country. Pollack says, “Traditional medical studies focus on symptoms. My research focused on underlying causes and core issues regarding unhappiness. This new approach to achieving happiness is applicable to anyone who wants to improve his or her emotional well-being.”

Life F’n Sucks: Get Out of Your Slump and On With Your Life ($14.95, 164 pages, 8”x5”, paperback, ISBN: 978-0-615-28057-8) is available at neighborhood and online booksellers or by visiting

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